About NSAS

NSAS is a non-profit, grass-roots membership organization. Initiated over 30 years ago by farmer members, NSAS has grown into a dynamic organization with members from all across Nebraska. We welcome farmers and non-farmers alike...everyone eats!

Our mission: To promote agriculture and food systems that build healthy land, people, communities and quality of life, for present and future generations.

Our vision & work: We recognize that there is a strong relationship between a healthy local agriculture and a strong local food system. That relationship requires that much of the food consumed is grown and processed locally. This adds quality and security as well as social and ecological responsibility to the community diet. It is this understanding that motivates NSAS's work to strengthen and enhance these systems together. Our work is across Nebraska in all communities and settings to expand this system for the benefit of local agriculture and local residents.

NSAS is active in collaborative projects that support rural communities and the environment. These projects offer mentoring opportunities for beginning and experienced farmers, and opportunities for on-farm research, demonstration, and education. We offer opportunities for non-farmers to participate in a food system and network with sustainable Nebraska farmers, attend workshops and link with all our projects! Each year, NSAS sponsors a Healthy Farms Conference, workshops, farm tours, and field days. NSAS is a member of the Midwest Sustainable Agriculture Working Group.

NSAS is not just for farmers. Our diverse membership includes rural and urban consumers, market gardeners, educators, and of course farmers raising a fantastic array of goods. We welcome anyone who is concerned about family farming, environmental quality, and good, healthy food. We depend on the support of all that are concerned with renewing and enlivening a sustainable food system and sustainable farming in Nebraska!

2016 Board of Directors

  • Brent Lubbert- President. Big Muddy Urban Farm, Omaha. brent.lubbert@gmail.com

  • Jo Lowe- Treasurer. Eagle. jo@4jl.net

  • Amy Swoboda- Secretary. Legal Aid of Nebraska, Lincoln. aswoboda@legalaidofnebraska.org

  • Chris Marlowe. Farmer, Butte. anokabuttelumber@yahoo.com

  • Jo Ann Garvey. Chef, Omaha. joa346@live.com

  • Robert Bernt. Clear Creek Organic Farms, Spalding. rk_bernt@yahoo.com

  • JoAnna Pope. NRCS, EmeraldJoanna.Pope@ne.usda.gov

  • Staff

    Position available NSAS Administrator