A Place to Grow

My life has been in visions that my eyes may never see.

The first vision:

The people who around me, as tender as I was, sheltered To respond in truth to the calling of the land Went forth with commitment, desire and fear of that which lay at hand "The place" it was new but somehow old, as the stars Old light that shines on the urban child's eyes

The next vision:

The young beans sprout and the water is given Summer sun becomes bright to make long the day After cutting and raking, the fragrance, we know signs the curing of hay This crop is good with the care of due process but to make next years' field, that is the vision

The next vision:

Our pain, love, comfort, exhaustion, peace, friendship, understanding, sorrow, celebration To measure the land, in acres or bushels, demeans this oasis, that which is given Not only this place, but also all people as they are sustained The metric I choose is the depth of the people, one communal refrain "Joy to the World" as we grow together

The unfinished vision:

As far ahead was the foresight for all these great visions The state of affairs pleads out to this place "Help me now" Life's corners and back alleys need the light nurtured here Put forth the great banner grown in this heartland near Life is people who care for the land Grow to sustain not exploit, nurture not horde, share not demand

Andrew Hansen

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