Knitting defies a
mass-produced culture that shuns
subsistence, handmade clothes,
clothes which will be kept forever.
This sort of activity does not
improve the GNP.

I once dreaded
knots. Gordian knots,
greyish knots in
rain-soaked shoelaces,
sour knots in my
nervous stomach.
Knitting creates beauty
from knots.

Knitting is old women with
blue-veined aran patterns on the
backs of their pale hands. As they work
together, they discuss food, children,
crops, politics, sweet passions, and
cold husbands.

I teach
Lisa how to knit.
She struggles,
drops stitches, her
cat eats the yarn.
We are not cosmopolitan
right now; we are our
grandmothers, we are
artisans, we are

Knitting is meditation. The
steady click of the needles is a
rosary, a mantra, chanting monks.
This unprofitable chore is therapy
worth $60 an hour. I can not afford
not to knit.

I knit a
cardigan for Dani.
Energy flows down my
arms and hands, through
fingertips and shiny
needles, into each
unique stitch of this
sweater that will
hug her warm in

- Cris Carusi

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