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The Climate Friendly Gardener

A Guide to Combating Global Warming from the Ground Up. Seventy percent of American households engage in some level of gardening or lawn care every year. Some do it for beautiful flowers, lush grass, or fresh fruits and vegetables; some for the peace and quiet or the connection to nature. But there is another reason to grow plants in your yard: certain gardening practices can help combat global warming. This guide will show you how. First, we explain the science linking soil, plants, and climate change; then we provide practical tips for a more climate-friendly garden, and links to resources that will help you adapt these tips to your own needs.  Visit Climate Friendly Gardener for more information.

Biological Urban Gardening Services

(BUGS) is an international membership organization devoted to reducing the use of pesticides in our highly populated urban landscape environments. In addition to publishing a quarterly newsletter, BUGS has a number of publications on the natural management of aphids, ants, fleas, whiteflies, fire blight, leaf curl, and powdery mildew. Other topics include natural fertilization of lawns, trees and shrubs, natural rose care, and solarization for pest control. For a catalog of available titles, please contact BUGS, PO Box 76, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-0076; (916) 726-5377. 

The National Wildlife Federation's Guide to Gardening for Wildlife

Everything you need to know to transform your backyard into a paradise for wildlife is contained in this guide by Peter Lower. This book includes techniques to bring fascinating wildlife into your garden, and includes detailed layouts of backyard wildlife gardens from around the country. This hardcover book sells for $29.95 ppd. To order, call Rodale Press at 1-800-848-4735.

The New Organic Grower: A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener

A fully-revised and expanded second edition is now available. This new edition by Eliot Coleman features chapters covering farm-generated fertility, non-toxic pest management through creation of optimum growing conditions for plants, and a comprehensive list of information sources for the serious gardener. It contains the most up-to-date information on crop rotation, green manures, tillage, weed cultivation and methods to market produce. To order, call Chelsea Green Publishing Company at 1-800-639-4099.

The Farmer's and Gardener's Resource Catalog

Now there is a one-stop resource for finding hard-to-find production and marketing information. This catalog contains over 60 listings for agricultural, gardening and herb books and special reports. Send for a free copy from New World Publishing, 3085 Sheridan St., Placerville, CA 95667.

Vegetable Farmers and their Weed Control Machines

If you're interested in mechanical weed control but don't have an opportunity to learn how successful farmers use their tools, here's a video for you. From sweeps and rotary hoes to flame weeders and homemade tools, this high-quality, 75-minute video demonstrates many of the available cultivation implements. It also explains some of the weed control strategies being used effectively on New England vegetable farms. While the video focuses on New England growers, the information presented is applicable to smaller-scale vegetable farms in many parts of the country. It shows how the implements work and how farmers adapt their use for site-specific conditions and production goals.

The video features plenty of clear, up-close footage of various pieces of machinery in use on a variety of vegetable crops. Tools demonstrated include: Buddingh basket and finger weeders, Lely tine weeders, rotary hoes, rolling cultivators, Bezzerides implements, various sweeps, as well as backpack and tractor-mounted flame weeders. Some homemade tools for cultivating the edges of plastic mulch are also described. Nine growers explain how the different pieces of equipment work and describe how the various tools fit into their overall weed control strategy. The producers also tell some of the pros and cons of specific equipment.

The video is available for $10, including postage. Make checks payable to UVM extension and include a note with your name and mailing address. Send to: UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture, 590 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05405-0059.

Directory of Flower and Herb Buyers

Directory of Flower and Herb Buyers is available f from Prairie Oak Seeds, PO Box 382, Maryville, MO 64468-0382; 816-562-3743.

From Asparagus to Zucchini

From Asparagus to Zucchini: A Guide to Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce is available for $19.95. This cookbook, created by the Madison Area Community Supported Agriculture Coalition, contains 200 pages of recipes, essays and resources. Visit to order. Now on it's 3rd essential seasonal eating guide & resource.

The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers

Growing for Market editor Lynn Byczynski has written a new book on cut flower production and marketing. It includes information on site preparation, choosing varieties, planting and transplanting, flowers for drying, flower arranging, growing on a commercial scale, and marketing options. Visit