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Dennis Demmel shallow ridge-till system in dryland cropping, rotations without herbicides

John W. Doran on-farm assessment of soil quality and health, cultural barriers to sustainability

Charles Francis cropping system design, rotations, watershed design, biodiversity, global population and carrying capacity, rural communities, agro-ecology, international development

Tom Larson alternative crops: lupines, onions, turnips, garlic, pinto or navy beans, white corn; alternative practices: ridge-till, strip-cropping, reducing pesticide use, intensive grazing, NH3 soy stubble

Joe Roberts organic farming and organic grain processing (owner/operator of Roberts Seeds, Inc.)

Paul Rohrbaugh beginning farmers, pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, pastured lamb/sheep

Kevin Seevers beekeeping, soils

Charles A. Shapiro, Ph.D. soil sampling and fertilizer recommendations, tillage and rotation, manure use 

Tom Tomas organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, grafting, seed saving and plant breeding at home

Dave Vetter organically grown grain, beans, and seeds

Dave Welsch ridge-till, crop rotations, direct marketing chickens and beef

Gary Young solar, ridge-till, minimum till, crop rotations, pasture rotations, fly control, allelopathy